Codeigniter Development


CodeIgniter Development


CodeIgniter is a highly popular and commonly used PHP application development framework. It is known for its ability to create high quality websites that are intuitive and unique. It eliminates the need for writing long complex codes, giving developers the freedom to build websites faster. CodeIgniter also has the advantage of possessing a wide collection of in-built libraries. As a CodeIgniter Developer, WebsUnion believes in providing you with the best solutions to enhance your website. Our expertise with CodeIgniter helps us address any issue that you might be facing.


Advantages of CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter has a series of advantages that make it the preferred option when compared to other development frameworks. WebsUnion makes use of the benefits that come with employing CodeIgniter and helps you create highly functional and efficient websites. Some of these advantages and benefits include:

1. Easy migration from one server to another.

2. Uncomplicated when it comes to learning, adopting and deploying.

3. Simple handling and customization.

4. It is extensive and lightweight.

5. Rich In-built libraries.

6. Ability to incorporate existing scripts and also develop core system libraries.

7. Simplified documentation that is coder friendly.

8. Flexible and easy to manage with MVC based frameworks.

9. Excellent Active Record Implementation.

10. New functions can be added without compromising customization.


CodeIgniter PHP Development


PHP is an excellent open source programming language that has a wide range of applications website and app development. It can be used to create high quality, rich and intuitive websites while ensuring top notch performance at low operational cost. Using CodeIgniter, WebsUnion’s team of expert PHP developers understand the exact needs of customers and deliver optimum solutions that are efficient and innovative. CodeIgniter based PHP solutions are highly cost efficient and serve as outstanding frameworks in regard to website development. WebsUnion is capable of producing PHP applications that are creative, reliable, fast, advanced in terms of functionalities/features, secure and oriented toward high performance.


CodeIgniter E-Commerce Development


If you’re looking to improve your existing e-commerce site or build one from scratch, Websunion’s CodeIgniter developers are most willing to take on the challenge. They are highly skilled at using every single feature in the PHP framework to deliver solutions that are result oriented and synchronize with the needs of the customer. Our developers can create code that is lightweight and secure while incorporating XSS filtering.

Our CodeIgniter E-Commerce solutions are designed to give our customers complete control over the functionalities of their website. Managing products and catalogs becomes much easier, resulting in higher sales of goods. We also integrate our CodeIgniter E-Commerce development with online store software to monitor payments, manage orders, and track shipments etc. We also customize your e-commerce website to gain more visibility in the e-commerce space while also offering scalability options and widespread support networks.


CodeIgniter Application Development


With mobile platforms becoming popular, applications have become a mandatory requirement in businesses. Websunion understands this growing need and offers robust solutions for your business with respect to CodeIgniter based applications. CodeIgniter based applications are easier to develop and take less time to do so because basic requirements such as session management, file uploading, and database abstraction come are a core part of its PHP framework.

Our team of CodeIgniter developers know exactly how to take advantage of these features to create applications that meet your demands and requirements every step of the way.


CodeIgniter Maintenance and Support


WebsUnion provides support and maintenance for CodeIgniter. Our team of experts are unmatched in their skill and expertise which allows them to provide customers with excellent service. At WebsUnion, we understand the varied requirements of every business and offer customized solutions to keep their websites up to date.

Our Maintenance and Support package for CodeIgniter includes:

  • > Template alterations and changes.
  • > Regular CodeIgniter updates.
  • > Module updates and installation.
  • > Server Management.
  • > Configuration and installation of latest CodeIgniter extensions.


Get in touch with us to know more about our round the clock maintenance and support services for website development in Toronto.


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