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At WebUnion, one of our core skills area is iOS mobile app development.  Starting from the conceptualizing stage where we come up with truly innovative ideation for apps that can transform the end user’s experience with the mobile device to deployment stage where we bring the app to the market, we have the skills to do it all.


Aligning development to the marketplace


When it comes to iOS app development, the market is nearly saturated with a vast variety of businesses trying their best to create the  app that will take the Apple loyalist customer base by storm. That means we are vying with skilled developers and design teams at every point of time, outguessing them and out maneuvering them to put out our apps right when the audience feels a need for them. To make sure that we stay ahead of our competitors, we keep ourselves updated with trends and preferences taking shape in the marketplace. Based on these, we proactively develop ideas that can address a burgeoning need that the audience may not even be aware of as yet. This ability to predict what the audience will want is our greatest strength in our iOS app development endeavors.


A complete iOS app development solution


At WebUnion, what we offer is a full range of iOS app development services that starts from the conceptualization stage and ends with the completion and testing of the app in real time. We take care of quality control for the app- in- development via our stringent trial and testing process that takes place at every stage of the development process. Our team is also in charge of the app release, maintenance and upgrades, thus giving you a full suite of services in this respect.


iOS apps for any vertical


iOS apps are invaluable tools for end users who utilize them to make life easier in a wide variety of ways. That is why we take care to offer versatile apps that cover a range of verticals be it education, business, mCommerce, finance, banking, healthcare, insurance, IT or entertainment. No matter what your vertical is, we have a team  with the necessary background knowledge and skills to develop truly valuable apps that can become indispensable to the end users. Of course, making sure that these apps are highly user friendly is a core requirement for us.


WebUnion services include:


> Apps development for iPhone/ iPad

> Games development for iPhone/ iPad

> Enterprise apps for iPhone

> M-Commerce apps for iPhone

> Social media apps for iPhone


Custom made mobile apps for iOS


For a business that is looking to make a mark in the marketplace, developing highly specialized  custom- made apps is a savvy business move. Your custom made apps help corner a good portion of the market share, build your reputation in the market place and improve your visibility immensely. Talk to us about your target audience and their preferences and our design team will come up with app ideas to captivate them and build a closer relationship between your brand and your customers. With WebUnion by your side, your iOS apps can be a truly powerful marketing tool.

We have the expertise to leverage the freedom offered by the robust and scalable environment that now characterizes iOS. Whether it is the use of extensibility features or the ability to integrate high end graphics, our team will combine the best elements to deliver highly functional, yet aesthetically appealing apps that are guaranteed to be user friendly.

The opportunities in iOS app development are virtually endless. WebUnion has the expertise that enables you to exploit them in favor of your business. To leverage our expertise call us today and meet with our app development team in Toronto!


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