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Magento Ecommerce Development


Magento is one of the powerful and open-source E-Commerce script in the market, the frame work is scale-able and if you are planning to start an e-commerce store Magento is the best framework as it allows e-commerce to expand due to its modular architecture.

When it comes to Magento development, there are very few developers who can rival WebsUnion. At WebsUnion, we live and breathe Magento e-commerce development as it happens to be one of our core offerings. We are experts at providing services to help you enjoy an upgrade-able, secure, and problem free e-commerce site. So, if you are on the hunt for an efficient, highly reliable, and certified Magento developer then contact our team at WebsUnion to get a free quote today.

We are home to some of the most skilled Magento developers who possess years’ worth of expertise. When our team gets to work, you can be certain that your project will undergo the most stringent development practices such as module naming convention, code commenting, team coding style, module readme files, event observers, and modifying third party extension, ultimately delivering a product that is of the highest quality. 


Connecting your Magento to ERP


SAP is one of the market leader in ERP marketplace according to Gartner's ERP Market Share Analysis and in regards to integrating ERP system of your choice it is best to find the pre-build Magento extension, but the extension does not exists for your choice of ERP then at WebsUnion we can help you achieve the integration via developing custom code.

It is vital and our approach to make sure that all your critical data with regard to products, orders, inventories, stocks, and shipping are kept safe and is completely synchronized with the ERP system. No matter how complex the integration process is, our team of experts will make sure it happens in a secure manner without any data loss.


Magento third party integration


There are several reasons why you might need to integrate your Magento based site with a third party application. For instance, you might need to integrate your site with a payment system such as Paypal which is secure, fast and efficient. Additionally, our developers can even help you develop strong relationships with your customers by integrating your e-commerce with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. Furthermore, if you are looking for ways to improve your marketing, our developers can also help with integrating Wordpress Blog. Other 3dr party integration services provided by us include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Gift Certificate Systems, Custom Shipping Systems and many more that may be required based on the project requirement.


Magento custom module development


There are several modules that can be used with your Magento based site and WebsUnion can help you take advantage of this fact. At WebsUnion, our developers can develop customized extensions to suit your needs, ensuring that your online e-commerce venture becomes a success. Modules act as deciding factors for your project and WebsUnion’s team of Magento developers are capable of understanding what it takes to create the ultimate project. From effective layouts to smooth navigation, our developers can provide you with the best module enhancements possible. We can even create modules for multi-currency and multi-lingual support.

We can also create custom modules that are supported by multiple browsers. Our detailed and well-planned solutions are designed with an aim to make your site rich with features that are also easy to execute. We have a solid understanding of e-commerce business requirements and how to develop Magento modules that are in line with them.


Magento maintenance & hosting


We have strong reputation of providing the best solutions with respect to the maintenance, support and hosting of Magento ecommerce sites. From regular upgrades to all forms of troubleshooting, WebsUnion’s service package covers every little detail. We can conduct weekly checks and create tracking reports to address all issues with your Magento framework. At the end of the day, you can be rest assured that your business will continue to run smoothly online.


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