nopCommerce Website Development in Toronto


nopCommerce Website Development


WebsUnion has been leading in the area of nopCommerce Development for quite some time. In fact, we have become experts in this arena. Our team of nopCommerce developers have been taking advantage of the open source platform to provide various services to customers including helping with online marketing, collecting payments, processing returns, account management, and dispatching items.

We have managed to leverage the benefits of NopCommmerce’s ASP.NET 5.0 framework and the MS SQL database to provide our customers with the most cost-effective and robust solutions. From customization and installation to support and integration, our team our nopCommerce developers are here to meet any of your requirements.


Advantages of nopCommerce


WebsUnion has dedicated its resources to creating a team of nopCommerce developers because we believe that nopCommerce is one of the most effective e-commerce platforms in the market. Therefore, we believe its users require professional support in order to enhance and maximize their return on investment. Some of the advantages that allow nopCommerce to stand out include:

  • >     You can configure your own shipment options. In fact, the platform comes with in-built shipment providers such as FedEx and UPS. These in-built shipment services are adjustable and configured in advance to make it easier. Nevertheless, they can still be customized to meet specific requirements.


  • >     You can configure your product listing according to your needs. For instance, you can add variables to each product or even interlink 2 or more related products. You can incorporate multiple thumbnails and provide alternative checkout options.


  • >     You can improve your marketing efforts by providing customized offers, promos, or discounts based on the customer’s purchase history. Meta tags and SEO support is also available for each product.


  • >     You can create more space for your stock, even with multiple vendors. You can list out common products from multiple vendors under the same product list. Vendors are also provided with their own administrative access to update product data without interference from other vendors.


  • >     You can also operate multiple stores from a single nopCommerce installation. You can also connect these multiple stores together and share your business.


  • >     nopCommerce provides simple payment options that can be integrated with Google Checkout, SagePay, and PayPal.


nopCommerce plugin development


There are many options as far as nopCommerce plugins are concerned. At WebsUnion, we can help you identify the perfect plugins to boost your business. If that isn’t enough, we can even develop a completely customized plugin designed to suit your specific requirements.


Migration from other e-stores


If you happen to be running another e-store based on another platform, our nopCommerce developers can help you migrate from your existing platform to the nopCommerce platform. They can do this in a secure fashion without any threats or damages to your data.


ERP/CRM integration


There are multiple CRM and ERP tools that can be integrated with nopCommerce and our development team can help you integrate your nopCommerce e-store with any of these tools. We can even customize and modify your nopCommerce e-store to be integrated with ERP and CRM tools that are not normally integration friendly.


Payment gateway extension development


Although nopCommerce has in-built compatibility with multiple payment systems, each e-store is unique and requires specialized payment gateways. WebsUnion can help you develop customized extensions for payment gateways to help you provide simpler and more secure payment options for your customers.


nopCommerce maintenance and support


Apart from our specialized offering, WebsUnion also offers round the clock maintenance and support for your nopCommerce E-Store. We have a dedicated team of troubleshooters to address your concerns any time of the day, whatever they maybe. Our maintenance and support services are designed to ensure that your e-store runs securely without any hindrances. Our servicing and maintenance package includes:

  • >     Changing content
  • >     Fixing broken links.
  • >     Database updating.
  • >     Tracking and analysis of web traffic.
  • >     Product updating.
  • >     Automated website and database backup.

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