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ruby on rail development


Ruby on Rails Development


Ruby on Rails is an open source framework for web applications that is based on the Ruby programming language. At Websunion, we consider Ruby on Rails to be one of the best development tools in the market and that is why we choose to dedicate our resources towards helping clients build and maintain websites that Run on Rails. The Rails framework allows our developers to build efficient and highly functional websites because of its ability to simplify mundane and repetitive tasks.

Ruby on Rails also lives up to Websunion’s own policy of preferring convention over configuration. Our programmers take advantage of this unique policy to deliver quick and fast solutions to our customers. The use of the REST (Representational State Transfer) application design in Rails allows our developers to create a logic based structure within applications that allow them to be executed as an Application Programming Interface or API. Our developers also take advantage of the Agile approach to web development, which is common to Rails, in order to cater to customers who have constantly changing requirements for their websites.


Advantages of Ruby on Rails


Working with clients in the past, WebsUnion has developed sufficient expertise in leveraging the various advantages that come with Ruby on Rails. Some of these advantages include:


1. Rails and the libraries that come with it are open source, which means, our clients need not worry about licensing issues and costs.

2. The testing frameworks are strong and dependable.

3. The Ruby code is highly readable and capable of self-documentation. This enables developers to work on existing projects without having to go through separate documentation, ultimately boosting productivity.

4. The framework is change friendly, which means faster and quicker development is the norm with Rails.

5. Since all Rails projects follow identical coding and structure, developers find it convenient to shift between multiple projects.

6. The large library of open source code and object-orientation make Ruby ideal for faster programming when compared to alternative frameworks and programming languages.

With these advantages, our developers can launch your website sooner than you think. A site that might have taken over a dozen weeks to develop can, now, be developed in half the time. Rails comes with several time saving features. For instance, there are existing plugins available that prevent the need to build one from scratch. The modular design allows our developers to reuse components, thereby eliminating the need to develop newer ones. A lean code-base results in lesser lines of code that is redundant.

These time saving features also help our developers in making future alterations in customer websites such as changing data models or adding newer functions/features. Websites built on Rail also cost less and are easier to maintain. Our developers can carry out the maintenance without neglecting aspects such as performance, scalability, and quality.


Ruby on Rails CMS (Content Management System)


If you happen to own a content heavy website, our developers can work with Ruby on Rails to create solutions that enable easier content management and content uploading, ultimately creating a website that is extremely user friendly and navigation friendly.

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Ruby on Rails for E-Commerce

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