Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization


Having a good looking or beautifully done website is generally a good thing. However, it isn’t enough to get the right audience flocking towards your business. It takes a lot more than just a fancy website to have a successful business and one of those things is what we refer to as ‘SEO’ or ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Search Engine Optimization helps your site gain visibility through a search engine’s free search results.


So, if you would like your website to show up on the top ten search results, you’ll need to optimize your site for search engines. For this you will require a specialist in SEO and there is no one better than WebsUnion. We have been functioning as SEO providers for a long time and have built a considerable amount of expertise in developing the perfect solutions.


We are specialists at SEO and our team of expert in Toronto can meet your exact expectations with their unrivaled skills. Our developers have a deep understanding of how SEO works and spend their time focusing on all the main aspects. They are proficient at the technical aspects of optimization such as site structuring that helps search engines crawl and index your site content. They can provide on-page optimization using keywords and HTML links to improve incoming traffic and also work on off-page optimization.


Code optimization


Our team of dedicated developers will work with you to make sure your website receives the ranking that it truly deserves. One of the ways we can do this is by optimizing code, which basically involves overhauling your entire site’s HTML setup. We can help you clear out any unnecessary elements in your code to make your site identifiable with regard to search engine algorithms. Code optimization can also significantly reduce load time, so that your site loads fast enough. This will help you retain traffic, which will eventually get converted into sales.


SEO writing


We also have a talented team of writers who can help you improve your site rankings by providing high quality and well written content. The content you present on your site determines how visible your site is. Using keywords and proper information, our writers will work towards creating appropriate content to display on your site.


Natural Link development


Link Building is an important aspect of SEO and WebsUnion understands it better than no one else. At WebsUnion, we focus on quality over quantity and therefore, you will receive only the best researched and high quality links from us. Only relevant and outstanding content will be linked to your site. Plus, our link building service is quite affordable compared to other SEO companies in Toronto.


SEO audit


The SEO Audit is the first and most basic feature in our list of services. An SEO Audit involves an inspection of your website, which is conducted by our team of developers. The purpose of the audit is to locate any issues in your web pages that might be hindering your business and traffic. Once the errors are found, our developers will address it immediately. The time taken for an audit will depend on the size of your website, but, nevertheless, our developers are always up to the challenge. It does not matter how big or complex your website is.


On-site SEO optimization


On-site optimization is what follows once the audit is completed. Here, our developers will work on fixing issues that were uncovered in the SEO audit. Our developers will use SEO techniques to address areas such as content organization, link structure, content, titles, headings, and banners.


WebsUnion offers a comprehensive on-site optimization package that is designed to fix even the tiniest issues found in a detailed SEO audit. We will keep monitoring results in order to provide continuous solutions for your website.

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