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To address the different types of needs and services by businesses, we offer a variety of search engine optimization/SEO services. Although in most instances one service is often all that is needed, it is not unheard of for a company to combine several professional SEO services like SEO consulting with SEO training or Design Evaluation with SEO training. As such, whether you are a huge multinational, small, or medium company, we have search engine services that can help in both marketing and placement.

This page gives an overview of each SEO service we offer to help you understand more. We encourage that you exhaustively go through each description and when you are ready, complete the SEO request form. We are a company of legend ready to assist you.


  1. SEO Mobile-First Readiness Audit Services


Is your site ready for Google’s mobile-first indexing? Google is going to make changes to its ranking algorithm that will rank sites based on their mobile versions. In other words, your mobile site should reflect your desktop version or you could lose your rankings, traffic, sales, and a lot more. Google’s reason for launching this index is because, in 2016, mobile traffic overtook desktop web traffic.

We took this announcement with the seriousness it deserved and created a mobile-first audit to ensure your rankings are not negatively affected. To protect your rankings, our experts will carry out a technical audit that will look into your site’s specs and advice as well as make recommendations accordingly.

We will include:

- How your mobile site is rendered on phones and other mobile devices

- An analysis of navigation and content; appearance, user experience, consistency and order of content

- Checking that analytics codes, plugins, and schema markup are working and configured as expected

- Speed analysis and optimization recommendations


  1. SEO Penalty Audit


The SEO penalty service offered by us is specially designed to give clients a detailed analysis of their site. It enables a client to understand factors that are seen to have contributed to a penalty and give a repair plan as well. In order to overcome a possible drop in rankings, we identify areas where a site fails to meet Google’s best practices and where repairs are needed to fix the problem.

We include the following in the audit and more:

- Link analysis

- Link analysis from reports by Google Webmaster Tools

- Analysis of anchor texts

- Google guidelines violation testing on the site otherwise known as spam audit

- Evaluation of quality of content

We understand that time is money and that trained recovery services are the best.


  1. SEO Consulting Services


Our SEO consulting services are essentially a knowledge transfer between our team and the clients. It is designed to offer companies with internal marketing staff the external expertise and guidance they feel they need. A personal review of your site is undertaken and verbal or written recommendations will then be issued for improvements which should be done for SEO benefits realization.

We will help you in the following areas:

- Use of SEO tools

- Identification of your competitors

- Link building

- Page construction and site theming

- Copywriting

- Meta tags reviews

- Keyword analysis in a competitive manner

Our services are uniquely tailored to your specific needs to help you reach your set goals, highly customized and targeted campaigns will mean that you achieve this in the shortest time possible.


  1. Local SEO Services


The competition to show up in local search results is tighter than ever; more so with the advent of mobile searches. We combine SEO experience and continuous research to optimize your website for local searches ensuring you thrive in both rankings and business.

We will be able to:

- Develop a plan to optimize local searches

- Create SEO plans for all your individual, local locations

- Ensure consistency of your names, addresses, and phone numbers across web directories as well as aggregators

- Conduct continuous optimization based on how we monitor your local search results


SEO is all about optimizing your website’s links, content, and page structure for you to rank higher in any search engine’s search results. Contact us now to learn more about how our SEO services can be able to uplift your SEO efforts to the next level.


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