• 8 Top SEO Training & Certification Providers in Toronto (GTA)
    Faiza AhmedJuly 26th, 2019

    Venturing into the world of search engine optimization (SEO) can be extremely overwhelming, especially if a person doesn’t know the ropes.

    There are quite a lot of concepts and information around which they must wrap their mind. As such, whether someone wants to transition into a career with the Search Engine Optimization or they are currently looking to improve their online marketing skills, it will help if they embarked on acquiring the necessary skills.

    To help you with your endeavor, we have compiled a list of 8 top SEO training & certification providers in Toronto.


    The Knowledge Academy


    knowledge academy
    The gateway to becoming an SEO savvy person is through learning the basics, and there’s no better place to get these skill than enrolling in The Knowledge Academy.

    This institution helps learners gain a basic understanding of SEO without delving too much into the technicalities.

    The basic skills taught in this institution include:

    Introduction to SEO — a topic that explains what SEO is all about

    Importance of SEO — students will learn why SEO is crucial to any business

    Search engines — under this topic, people get to know how sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing relate to SEO

    Keywords — this topic teaches people how to find the correct keywords for their blogs and site

    Onsite optimization — under this topic, people will learn how to ensure, tags, titles, content, website pages, and the overall structure of their site are optimized for the keywords.

    › Link building

    Social media — learners will gain basic knowledge regarding how online social platforms help with SEO

    The Knowledge Academy offers physical classroom, online, live virtual, and in-house modes of learning.

    Visit: The Knowledge Academy



    Brain Station


    Brain Station

    After learning the basics, learners may begin to delve a little bit more into SEO, and this is where the Brain Station comes in handy.

    This SEO skills provider offers part-time courses where interested parties learn how to optimize their websites, pages, and blogs for organic search results. Under this title, they’ll get to learn a few concepts, techniques, and tools necessary for search engine optimization.

    Some of the basic skills acquired under this title include:

    › SEO Auditing

    Students will learn how to conduct an SEO audit. This will help them with assessing the impact their online marketing strategies have on their website and identifying areas that need improvement.

    › Adopting Favorable Web Ranking Practices

    They will further learn how search engines access and read their sites. This is in addition to getting an idea for adopting the best practices required to ensure that search engines can access and read through the site with ease.

    › Forming Long-Term Marketing Plans

    Students will also learn how to develop a long-term strategy that will help them increase their search engine ranking through content development.

    › On-Page Marketing

    Under this subtitle, students will get an insight into On-page SEO factors like keyword relevance, Meta descriptions, as well as user site experience. In turn, this topic will help them make the necessary changes required to improve their web ranking and traffic.

    › Off-Page Marketing Strategy

    Users will also learn to take advantage of Off-page strategies that include backlinks, which help entrepreneurs with advertising their brand away from their websites.

    › Keyword Strategy

    This sub-title will help students learn how to research, identify, and select keywords, as well as create a map that will send potential customers to the relevant pages of their website.

    Visit: Brain Station



    Paul Teitelman


    Paul Teitelman

    On-The-Job-Training is a crucial aspect of ensuring the success of a business as it helps workers update their skills regarding the upcoming trends.

    As such, since SEO strategies keep on changing, it’s best for business owners or managers to engage the services of Paul Teitelman—an individual who’s well versed in SEO strategies and link building.

    Paul helps marketing teams in different brand markets learn SEO aspects, including:

    › On-page optimization

    › Keyword research

    › Link building

    › Improving local SEO

    He offers hourly, half-day, and full-day sessions to all interested parties.

    Visit: Paul Teitelman


    Green Lotus


    Green Lotus

    This denotes an SEO training company that offers invaluable skills to both beginners and veterans who’re looking to upgrade their skills. It offers basic SEO skills, strategies, creating marketing plans, and measuring quantitative assessment of all SEO areas related to their business.

    Green Lotus also offers advanced SEO training programs that will teach learners about the following:

    › Factors that contribute to SEO ranking

    › Optimizing websites for mobile devices

    › Understanding local signals like NAP (name, address and phone) consistency

    › Learning the importance of meta description for search engine snippets

    › Optimizing website appearance on SERP

    › SEO analytics

    › Content optimization

    › Link building

    They also offer social media marketing classes, digital marketing analytics, and SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) classes for agencies. Also, enrolling as a Green Lotus affords the members access to SEO Webinars, strategy blogs and strategy/training videos, as well as search engine algorithm updates.

    This will help them continue learning and taking the necessary steps towards improving their SEO strategies.

    Visit: Green Lotus


    George Brown College

    George Brown College

    This is an institution that offers a wide array of courses, including communication languages, health sciences, business computers, and information technology.

    Under the business course, learners will come across marketing, social media, and analytics, a subtopic that covers SEO and paid search. Under this subtopic, learners will gain a robust knowledge regarding website optimization. They’ll also learn about how SEO relates to web design and development.

    Gorge Brown College offers in-class learning sessions as well as distance and online lessons for people located in far off areas.

    Visit: George Brown College


    University of Toronto


    university of toronto

    This institution offers continuing studies that cut across various business subjects. It helps learners with discovering both basic and in-depth SEO strategies that will help them transition to a new career or acquire more knowledge regarding online business marketing.

    Under the business topic, learners will gain knowledge on strategies needed for performing effective SEO, a subject that includes the essentials of getting significant returns on investment. This learning facility offers both in-class and online business marketing courses.

    Visit: University of Toronto


    Seneca College


    Seneca College

    This institution offers part-time studies that will help learners understand the common language, jargons, and techniques used by SEO experts. They also teach basic SEO subtopics like:

    › Keyword, research, selection, and optimization

    › Onsite web optimization

    › Link building

    This introductory topic will also teach learners white hat tactics that will make their website rank higher in search engine results. Under this topic, the instructor will also tell them which tactics to avoid lest their website becomes blacklisted in major search engines.

    Visit: Seneca College


    The Chang School of Continuing Education

    Ryerson University


    In this institution, applicants will learn relevant topics like:

    › Keyword research and placement

    › Refactoring web content

    › Website SEO optimization methods

    Each of these topics is supported by in-depth learning through project-based applications, where learners get to build actual eCommerce SEO projects.

    Their projects are subsequently run through search engine simulation to provide results and identify areas that need improvements to enhance search ranking. These lessons are provided via online platforms and in-class lessons.

    Visit: Ryerson University


    Setting up SEO strategies and getting a measurable return on investment is among the major desires of every digital marketer.

    To achieve this goal, however, entrepreneurs and digital marketers must familiarize themselves with the basics and in-depth details of the SEO workings. To achieve this, it would help if they engaged the services of a reputable SEO training provider, and this is where the above list comes in handy.

    Each of the eight individuals, agencies, and institutions discussed above provide people with the relevant education and helpful tools to see them prosper in SEO ranking and website development.

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