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Faiza Ahmed

Co-founder & CEO

Faiza Ahmed, CEO & Co-Founder, became an entrepreneur at an early age, with various new ventures prior to WebsUnion. Faiza Ahmed studied real estate, earning a degree from Ontario Real Estate then engaged herself into digital marketing industry. She worked for over 4 years in marketing where she gained tremendous amount of experience and overwhelming knowledge to revolutionize the digital marketing and software development industry and launched

 Faiza’s vision for WebsUnion is to provide full scale services by integrating network of professionals within one roof. It is her believes, that this will evolve online industry into a mainstream revenue model.

 Faiza is a seasoned industry speaker. If you are a member of the media and would like to interview Faiza, please email

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  • “I have never seen such a great quality. Good luck and keep it up!”

    Mary Rogers / MANAGER at TileMarkets

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