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Zen Cart E-Commerce Development in Toronto


When it comes to creating the best e-commerce site, there aren’t too many store management platforms out there that can compete with Zen Cart. With its open-source feature, the platform is practically free and the MySQL database and HTML components make it extremely easy to incorporate multi-language and multi-currency support.

These unique features are exactly why WebsUnion loves working with Zen Cart. So much so, that we have a team of passionate and dedicated Zen Cart developers just to help our customers extract the best out of the PHP based platform.

Our developers can help you build a website that meet your business specifications and target the right customers not matter how impossible the task may seem. We can turn you website into a full blown business enterprise with customized features and multiple functionalities.


Advantages of Zen Cart


Zen Cart comes with a host of advantageous features that our team of developers have learnt to exploit over the years. They possess the technical know-how and information to make use of Zen Cart’s features to provide customers with the maximum benefit.

Zen Cart has the following advantages when compared with other online store management platforms:

  • >    It is extremely reliable and comes with several options for customization. You can add several customized features including payment options, shipping options, multiple pages, discount options, and even newsletters.
  • >    The framework used in Zen Cart is extremely flexible and easy to work with. Developers can modify, alter, and change features whenever needed. It requires minimal technical expertise to be worked upon.
  • >    Modules can be customized and incorporated into the platform.


Zen Cart e-commerce development


WebsUnion’s developers are extremely capable when it comes to creating e-commerce platforms and this is no different when it comes to creating one using the Zen Cart platform. Our developers can create and provide multiple functionalities and features to help you run your e-commerce portal in a simple and efficient way. Our developers will make sure that your return on investment is off the roof. They can help you track and manage shipments in real time and even provide real time updates on shipping rates from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. They can also help you manage your orders and keep a record of purchase history and payment status.

Our developers also happen to be the artistic type, which means that they can add a touch of beauty and functionality to your website layouts. Our layout designs are the perfect combination of form and function, with easy navigation and attractive aesthetics to give the customer a pleasant overall browsing experience.

We can also help you integrate your payment system with gateways such as PayPal, Verisign, 2CO, and This integration can be combined with features such as an invoice generator and printer. Basically, WebsUnion’s developers can help you make your customer’s purchasing experience as smooth as possible.

Content is also a major part of your Zen Cart e-commerce venture. Our developers can help you manage your content with robust content management solutions. We can update, modify, or delete various product category data as well as product information.

WebsUnion also develops other e-commerce features for Zen Cart such as Inventory Management and Gift Certificate Management.


Zen Cart third party integration


There are several 3rd party apps that can be integrated with Zen Cart to enhance the functionality of your website. WebsUnion can meet this need with our team developers, who can provide integration solutions for shipment and payments.

Our developers can develop shipping modules that can be integrated with shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and various other services. Our payment modules for Zen Cart can be integrated with services such as PayPal, 2CO,, CCAvenue, Blue Pay, Link Point, Verisign, and World Pay.


Zen Cart maintenance & support


WebsUnion also provides support and maintenance for your Ecommerce site. We make sure that your site runs well and is kept secure. From providing security updates to module testing, WebsUnion provides a comprehensive support and maintenance package for Zen Cart.


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